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Song Artist Disk No
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Artist Song Disk Number
Various Is Somebody There TUTM1576-17
Various It Had To Be You PS6118-11
Various It Might As Well Be Spring PS6116-15
Various It Started All Over Again PS6114-13
Various ItÂ’S Only Rock & Roll SF157-07
Various It's A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame PS4002-14
Various It's All Right With Me PS6116-19
Various It's Alright With Me PS6118-19
Various It's De-Lovely PS6029-18
Various Itsy Bitsy Spider PS4001-29
Various I've Been Working On The Railroad PS4008-22
Various I've Got A Crush On You PS6031-18
Various I've Got The World On A String PS6109-17
Various I've Got You Under My Skin PS6109-19
Various Jesus Loves Me SY1777-05
Various Jetsons, The SC10226-26
Various Jingle Bells PS1626-17
Various Jingle Bells SY1811-01
Various Josie And The Pussycats SC10226-14
Various Joy To The World SY1811-04