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Song Artist Disk No
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Artist Song Disk Number
$tone, Rob & J. Davis & Spooks Chill Bill (Explicit) AA-00448
&, Brooks Dunn Believe ASK059-1-03
&, Brooks Dunn It's Getting Better All The Time ASK054-1-04
&, Brooks Dunn It's Getting Better All The Time ASK057-1-09
&, Brooks Dunn Play Something Country ASK059-1-02
&, Brooks Dunn That's What It's All About ASK055-1-08
&, Sam Dave Soul Man FH9088-05
(Christmas) White Christmas AYR008-11
(Christmas) Martin, Dean Baby It's Cold Outside (Duet) AYR040-11
(Hed) Planet Earth Blackout KVD-29484
(Hed) Planet Earth Other Side KV-143189
(Hed) Planet Earth Other Side KVD-29955
(Latin Lovers) Damien Sargue & Nyco Lilliu Una Storia Importante KV-434551
(Latin Lovers) Debi Nova & Nuno Resende Conga KV-439653
(Latin Lovers) Julio Iglesias Vous Les Femmes KV-432460
(Latin Lovers) Nuno Resende & Julio Iglesias Jr. La Camisa Negra KV-443703
(Latin Lovers) Nyco Lilliu La Solitudine KV-435138
£1 Fish Man One Pound Fish KVD-42513
1 Pound Fish Man One Pound Fish KV-158208
10 Years Actions And Motives AKK09-04