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Song Artist Disk No
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Artist Song Disk Number
Collective Soul Run TURP2-05-06
Linkin Park Run Away TURP2-05-07
Tool Schism TURP2-05-08
Unwritten Law Seein' Red TURP2-05-09
Collective Soul Shine TURP2-05-10
Cake Short Skirt, Long Jacket TURP2-05-11
Live Simple Creed TURP2-05-12
Dope Slipping Away TURP2-05-13
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal TURP2-05-14
Black Crowes Soul Singing TURP2-05-15
Creed Stand Here With Me TURP2-05-16
Blink 182 Stay Together For The Kids TURP2-05-17
Flickerstick Talk Show Host TURP2-05-18
Drowning Pool Tear Away TURP2-05-19
Offspring Kids Aren't Alright, The TURP2-06-01
Jimmy Eat World Middle, The TURP2-06-02
Alien Ant Farm Movies TURP2-06-03
Foo Fighters One, The TURP2-06-04
Bush People That We Love, The TURP2-06-05
Blink 182 Rock Show TURP2-06-06