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Gary T. Coole, KJ/DJ/Singer

I can always be found singing, no matter where I am. I may not be the best singer around but I've helped a few become better with what I know. Ever since 8th grade in Elementary School I have been involved with music one way or another. After high school I entered the USMC and forgot about singing for the most part except the request by my Senior drill Instructor, SSGT Woods, to sing the Marine Corps Hymn just before "lights out" each evening during boot camp. Later on, after being discharged from the service, I joined a local singing ensemble named the "Nature Coast Festival Singers", a light opera group where my classical voice lessons paid off. While performing at a local community theatre I was asked if I would consider joining their theatre group and playing a part in an upcoming musical. I joined and did play the part after which I also performed in quite a few other musicals as well as dramas and comedies.

I started singing karaoke in the late 1980's in the lounge at Spring Hill Lanes. By 1995 I was a regular at many local karaoke venues and began buying my own discs. After accumulating more CD+G songs than the local favorite karaoke hangout and wanting to offer a better way of doing things I decided to start doing karaoke as a service myself. So, I did some shopping and bought a complete system from a KJ that was retiring. Since then I've increased my karaoke collection of song versions from 20,000 to more than 503,000.

We are glad to do a karaoke party anywhere that is (preferably) a non-smoking venue or residence. Check out our schedule link at the top of the page to see if we are booked or not when you want to have your karaoke party. NOTE: Commercial customers are eligible for a discount for consecutive days of karaoke service provided. CALL US!

I also create custom CD+G discs for other singers as well as offer recording services as well. For more information on custom CD+G discs and recording CLICK HERE

About My Karaoke Music


Consisting of all the different languages and genres there are over a half million songs in karaoke. While most KJ's have 40,000 - 50,000 songs I currently have more than 503,000 of them. And my collection grows almost every day.

To view lists of my songs use the SEARCHABLE SONG LIST link at the top of the page listed under "MY MUSIC".

This is a searchable database. Simply enter the title of the song or the last name of the artist and click SEARCH.

Through my sources I am able to get new karaoke releases as much as a month before they hit the stores. If I don't have what you are looking for and it is available in karaoke CD+G format, ask me for it and I will have it the next time I am at your location.

CD+G tidbits

"Do you want a custom song made from scratch?"

So many times I have been asked, "Why can't I get this song? It's on YouTube?". Well, just because it is on YouTube doesn't mean it is available in karaoke format. But, that used to be the case! Now we offer a custom song creation service for ANY song you can think of. We will create a custom backing track as close to the original song as possible. Then using special software we will then create not only a karaoke version of the song but also a vocal karaoke version of the song with the original artist and music. That way you can learn to sing the song with the vocal version and then go out sing it at your local karaoke venue with authority using the karaoke version. A custom song creation starts at a base cost of $90. The actual cost will be quoted on request. And there are no minimum songs required to have a custom song made as we do in our custom compilations offer. Once you submit a copy of the original song, within 48-72 hrs we will provide you a 30 second sample of the new karaoke version. Then if you like what you hear and give us the go ahead we will have your custom made song ready for you, in most cases, in less than 1 week. And to go one step further, we will also make sure the song you have made is in the key that you sing in. For further question regarding our custom song service or to submit a song to have a custom song created to submit your questions or request.

PLEASE NOTE: If the original song is not available on YouTube for us to sample then you are required to submit to us an mp3 version of the song. A 50% deposit is required at the time the sample is requested. All payments are made through PayPal®.

"Karaoke discs are expensive"

After you buy your first karaoke CD+G and realize how expensive they are, go out and buy yourself a CD holder like one these depicted. A small one, as shown at the top, can hold as many as 15 CDs. The other unit can hold as many as 225 CD's. Keep them in these cases at all times unless you are playing them. Minor scratches won't hurt but a major scratch can destroy the playing capabilities of a $25 disc fast.

"Keep a legend card for each disc"

It is a wise decision to make a song legend card and put it behind or in front of each disc in your CD carrier. Our memories aren't always the best and when you have already given the KJ your disc and he calls you up to sing you can glance at the card to remember what track you are going to request. That saves a lot of time and the other singers will appreciate it!

"Keep your discs clean"

Other than a badly scratched disc that won't play, nothing upsets other singers or the KJ as much as a dirty disc. Grease or sweat from your fingers, droplets of moisture from a drinking glass, or even your own spray from chatting or a sneeze can play havoc with not only with the ability to play the disc but also do damage to the equipment. And you do not want to be be the one responsible for ending a night of singing early because it was your dirty disc that ruined the equipment. Buy yourself a micro fibre cleaning cloth and a spray bottle of disc cleaner and use them regularly.

Nice job last night. You run a nice tight ship (28 singers) and still make personable presentations. The quality of the sound is excellent. Many Thanks....
Paul & Irene Griffin
We just want to thank Gary for such a wonderful party. You made our son the happiest person in the world and that made us so happy also. This was the BEST birthday that our son has ever had. All of Robert's friends said that you were the greatest. We had such a wonderful time and again the BEST KJ ever.
Rhonda & Al
Coole Karaoke's Gary was great. We were looking for a DJ with maybe some possibilities of karaoke and he gave us both. We had a bit of a surprise when our guests arrived early but Gary was early as well and though he wasn't supposed to start his services for almost an hour he kept them entertained and kept it up till the end. Fantastic job!!
Barbara Guest
We had another KJ schedulde for our party and at the last minute he cancelled because he was double booked. I was frantic and started searching the internet for other KJ's. I lucked out when I found Gary's service. I explained our dilemna to him and thankfully he was available (that weekend) and came down and did a wondeful job for us. Since then we also used him for other parties and he has done equally as well. By the way, we live in Bradenton, 2 hours away from his location, yet each time he gladly accepted our requests and performed with excellence.
Don P
We hired Coole Karaoke for our daughter's Sweet 16 party and he did an outstanding job. Gary knew what songs to play when and was spot on with each selection. We recommend his services for ANY type of party you're going to have. Gary, like someone else said, "You are defintiely cool".
Jackie & George V